The Model of a Clear Mind: Completely New Stress Management


What if there was a simple solution to a happy and productive life? A life without unnecessary stress... There is a solution that you have probably never heard of before. A solution that allows you to understand how our minds work...


Now is the time for this solution to finally be revealed. In this book, the author is providing a completely new way of relieving yourself of stress, and how to live a productive and satisfying life which is not beyond your current circumstances, education, social and economic status, or even your past.

This understanding can change your life for the better, just as it has changed the author´s life as well.

It does not require any special skills, techniques or routines. The basis is understanding how each of us creates reality, the principles hiding behind human experience, and ultimately what the real source of stress is.

As soon as you start to see this on a deeper level, you automatically start to feel better, your life will take on a new direction, and what might have limited you in the past can now be managed and overcome with ease.

"Understanding what I'm sharing with you is the only effective and permanent solution to stress, and once you discover what stress is, it will no longer have any power over you. I have compiled this understanding into 3 simple principles that make up the Model of a Clear Mind. "
PhDr. Michal Kopčan, author and professional mental coach

e-book: The Model of a Clear Mind

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